Email Marketing

Our Approach to Email Marketing


  • Email has the best ROI.
  • Almost everyone uses Email every single day.
  • You own the list of emails, it can not be taken away like other platforms can take away your followers.
Email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools with the best ROI. We believe every business can benefit from having an email list. We have used email marketing to help small businesses notify customers and prospects about upcoming sales and specials, news and noteworthy changes to the business, education, and business development.

Email is so powerful because it has more total users than social media. In order for a user to have a social media account they must first have an active email. Unlike social media followers, email lists can not be taken away if your social profile is blocked or removed. Additionally, email holds the highest conversion rate and engagement, therefore leading to the highest ROI (return on investment).

Below you will find our email marketing packages and pricing. It is important to us to be transparent in our pricing, which allows small business owners and managers to have a basic understanding of costs without having to sit through a time consuming proposal only to find out it is way over budget.

Our Email Marketing Pricing

Up to 500
One Email Newsletter
One List Builder Form
One Hour of Promotion
$100 /mo
One Email Newsletter
One List Builder Form
Two Hours of Promotion
$200 /mo
Two Email Newsletters
One List Builder Form
Two Hours of Promotion
$300 /mo
Two+ Email Newsletter
Two+ List Builder Forms
Three+ Hours of Promotion
$400+ /mo


What if I need an autoresponder campaign or funnels?

Autoresponders and funnels can really help keep prospects and customers engaged.  Use them for newsletter welcomes, lead nurturing, abandoned carts, up sells, follow ups, and more.

The Cost:

  • Monthly cost shown above per subscriber list.
  • One time set up of $500 for up to a five (5) email automation campaign/funnel.
  • $50 per additional email added to the campaign set up.
Additional newsletters can be added for $50 per newsletter.
Promotion time is used to help grow your email list.  It can include things like posts on social media, setting up and managing prize giveaways, outreach to others in the industry, and more.