Care Plans

Why Care Plans Are Important 


  • A website should always have someone managing updates for security reasons
  • Regular backups ensure that the site can easily be restored in a timely manor if there is an issue.
  • While WordPress is a robust and secure platform, our care plans add an additional layer of security to protect your site.
Every website needs someone to monitor and maintain it.  This includes making sure the site is always up and working for visitors, updating the core system, adding and updating content and media, and much more. We understand that small business owners do not have the time and experience to always manage their site. This is where we can offer our industry knowledge and expertise to help ensure your site is doing exactly as it should, helping your business attract, educate and convert customers.

With our care plans we do regular backups of the site. This ensures that in the case that something happens we can quickly get the site back into operation, and the restoration of the site is included in the cost. Our Care Plan prevents further labor costs of discovering the error, resolving the error and restoration of the site which could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the severity. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your site is taken care of.

Security is important to us, and when we build new sites we take precautions and use safe practices, however, technology is always evolving leading bad characters to try to harm sites in some way or another. Our care plans add an additional layer of security that alerts us of any holes or vulnerabilities, so that they can be patched. Additionally, we are alerted if something is compromised so that it can quickly be stopped and removed. Like mentioned above, we handle all of this and the restoration at no additional cost.

Our care plans includes hosting of your website. Not all hosts are equal, and with our industry experience we have vetted many providers and know what is the best option.  Hosting has a major impact in site speed, site uptime, and site security. Each website will be different and have variables that change the hosting requirements.  These variables are things like: monthly visitors, website size, website function (informational site vs e-commerce), and more. Therefore, we can not directly quote a cost up front without first reviewing the needs.  

Below you will see our starting pricing for care plans. Plans will vary depending on the needs.  We recommend getting in touch with us and we will be able to provide a direct quote.

Our Care Plan Pricing

Starter Plan
Basic Hosting
Regularly Scheduled Backups
Enhanced Security and Monitoring
WordPress Updates
1 hour of content updates
$100+ /mo


Basic hosting will cover an informational website that has less than 3000 monthly visitors. Intermediate hosting will cover an informational website that has less than 10,000 monthly visitors. Advance hosting would cover instances above and beyond and can be quoted based on needs.

In most cases the site can be restored within the covered care plan. However, if the issue is major, such as you completely deleted the website or publicly shared login credentials, additional cost may be incurred.
Content updates include changing/updating existing copy and/or images. Some items that are excluded are structure or design changes, search engine optimization, and copywriting.
We will provide you with a Website Owners Manual. This will include a list of premium plugins that will need to be purchased in order to keep functionality of the site. You will be responsible for paying for hosting, of which we will provide a few recommendations.  You will be responsible for handling the system updates, copy, and media updates. In the case of an issue, we can provide support and an hourly rate of $125.